Web Design / Scripts

Fergco prides itself on understanding what the client wants and how to achieve this within budget.

We’ll have no problems in providing you with secure shopping carts, feedback forms, bulletin boards, auto links pages, etc, etc.

But, if we reckon that you don’t really need a “secure-credit-animated-real-audio-intranet-java-homesite-facilitator”, then we won’t bamboozle you with Internet buzzwords to convince you otherwise.

Web Hosting

Most of our clients are operating small or medium-sized businesses. Some others are small sporting clubs. These are the organisations we understand and provide a full range of hosting options depending on whether price or functionality is the main concern. Why pay for what you don’t need?

Editing & Publishing

Whether you wish to have a document professionally edited, or want an existing document typeset and printed (or placed on the Internet), Fergco has the skills and experience to meet your requirements.

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