Fergco provides two email services, each first requiring a cPanel account:

  • Email forwarding – FREE.
  • Email hosting – $100 per email address per year.

1. Email forwarding*

Gmail alias

Email forwarding permits you to create “aliases” for your existing email accounts. For example, if you have an email account and your cPanel account domain is … you can create All email sent to can now be received at If you use mail software like Outlook, you can even configure Outlook to send from too.

2. Email hosting*

Gmail hosting

Fergco no longer offers email hosting directly (previously $150 per address per year). Why? Because we think Google’s Gmail is the best email hosting solution on the market – and it’s FREE! Plus, you get an email solution with some great benefits:

  • Gmail keeps getting better! As a hosted solution, you don’t need to worry about software upgrades or compatibility issues with your operating system. Gmail does this all for you – a great way to future-proof your email needs!
  • Gmail gives you 7Gb of storage. We’re betting you don’t need this much.
  • Gmail gets backed up for you as part of the service.
  • Gmail gives you access to ALL of your email archives from anywhere you can access the Internet.
  • Gmail is perfect for mobile use. Imagine, all of your email and all of your contacts synchronised to your laptop, smartphone and tablet devices. Let there be one!
  • If it makes you feel better, you can still keep a synchronised copy of your Gmail account in your email software (eg: Outlook; Thunderbird; Apple Mail)! You can even keep using your email software and it will stay synchronised with Gmail for when you’re on the road.

The catch: What Gmail doesn’t do for you “out of the box”, however, is to allow you to send email from your preferred address. You are instead required to use the account address, eg Fergco can help with this. We can configure your cPanel account and help you configure your Gmail account so that your email address can be used to receive and send email.

*Pre-requisites for both solutions

  1. cPanel account with Fergco using your desired email domain.
  2. Mail records (MX) for your domain are hosted with Fergco. This is probably the case if the first requirement is already met.

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